Electric cars in India – Welcome!

electric cars in india, reva india, electric car price in indiaThe electric cars in India market is hotting up like never before with the recent arrival of India’s most sophisticated domestically manufactured electric car to date, from Reva India. With automobile manufacturer heavyweights readying new cars in India for the enormous prospects that the Indian market promises, it’s never been a better time to discover more about electric cars in india.

On the face of it, electric cars seem to be a perfect fit for the Indian market. All things being well, the Indian economy is destined to be a global heavyweight of the future. Automobile manufacturers are struggling to make the kinds of returns in traditional markets, such as the european market, that they have been used to owing to declining demand and are increasingly looking to the BRIC economies where large and growing middle classes represent consumers-in-waiting for a new generation of automobiles that aspire to a cleaner future.

Indeed, it goes without saying that there are obstacles to the wider adoption of electric cars in India. Countless numbers exist below the poverty line and there remains limited and sometimes sub standard public infrastructure in places, notwithstanding the serious problems pollution of the environment is causing.

thecleanrevolutionYet India seems uniquely positioned to overcome such obstacles. In India the value of a good education is highly prized and so a continually growing number of people are lifting themselves from poverty and joining the burgeoning middle classes, which is reflected in the amount of well educated Indians providing industry with a large pool of talent on which to draw. There are unique opportunities for India’s entrepreneurs to solve and profit from the challenges posed by creating and managing the infrastructure to support widespread electric car ownership.

Consequently there is growing demand for electric cars in India, which promise cleaner cheaper energy use whilst also appealing to traditional Hindu values of harmony with nature.

The average electric car price in India is getting increasingly competitive and although planned government subsidies have yet to materialise this does not mean that they will not do so in the very near future. In the meantime, regional subsidies are appearing such as in New Delhi, where local authorities have had the foresight to recognise the immense benefits electric car ownership will have on the local economy and environment.

Although some may still consider diesel or gas powered vehicles cheaper, this neglects the lifetime cost of owning an electric car. With ever increasing gas and oil prices the cost of owning a traditional vehicle will always be rising. With ever decreasing costs of electric car batteries, longer battery life, and fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine to service and maintain, every journey in an electric car reduces the overall cost of ownership.

It’s never been a better time to invest in an electric car so we invite you to join us as we explore the pro’s and con’s of electric car ownership, new launching and upcoming cars, electric car prices and subsidies so that we can help you to make informed buying decisions on electric cars in India.

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